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The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education is charged with the responsibility of formulating and implementing educational policies and programmes, as well as overseeing the general administration of the school system in line with the National Policy on Education and in accordance with the goals and needs of the State.

The Ministry is also in charge of formulating other relevant policy environments such as Education For All (EFA), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Vision 20:20:20 goals. In line with its mandate, the Ministry is responsible for the provision of early childhood, primary and secondary education for the young ones, while providing literacy and skill education for adult learners who had earlier missed their chances of acquiring formal education.

The vision of the Ministry of Education (Basic & Secondary) is to provide unfettered access for all children of pre-primary, primary and post primary school age to qualitative and functional education that will equip them for a purposeful living.

To provide free qualitative and functional education to all children of school age irrespective of religion, sex, culture and disability.

The Ministry of Education (Basic & Secondary) is one of the largest Ministries in the State. Headed by the Honourable Commissioner and the Permanent Secretary, the Ministry has staff strength of 852; which is made up of 654 senior and 1.98 junior staff.

There are nine (9) basic Departments in the Ministry, namely:
• Administration
• Planning, Research & Statistics
• Schools
• Science, Vocational & Technical Education
• Examinations & Standards
• Finance and Accounts
• Inspectorate
• Education Resources Centre
• Public Private Partnership

In addition, the Ministry has a field office in each of the 25 local Government Areas of the State with a Chief Inspector of Education (CIE) overseeing each field office.
There are two (2) statutory boards, an Agency and a Centre supervised by the Ministry. They are:

• Post Primary Education Board (PPEB) with a Permanent Secretary at the Headquarters and eleven Permanent Secretaries who take charge of activities in the different zones.
• State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).

• Agency for Adult and Non-Formal Education. This Agency is headed by a Permanent Secretary.

• French Language Centre (FLC)


The Ministry is charged with a number of statutory responsibilities which are as follows:
• Implementation of education Policies in the State
• Management and supervision of Pre - Primary, Primary and Secondary education
• Implementation of school curricula and development of uniform schemes of work from the approved curricula.
• Examinations and standards
• Educational Planning, Research & Statistics
• Schools Sports and Development
• Guidance and Counselling services
• Special Education
• Science, Vocational & Technical Education
• Adult literacy
• Promotion of Arts and Culture in Schools
• Development and promotion of foreign language such as French in schools

The Ministry has carried out a number of reforms aimed at restoring the education sub-sector of the State. Notable among these reforms are:
• Re-introduction and launching of the 3Rs (reading, writing and mental Arithmetic) in primary schools with the aim of improving students’ communication and numeracy skills
• Documentation/articulation of policy guidelines for general daily school administration
• Articulation of secondary schools to the present number of 453 as explained earlier
• Introduction of stiffer conditions for the registration/approval of private schools to check the proliferation of sub-standard private schools in the State
• Evolution of a policy of zero tolerance for examination malpractices and other related vices in schools.
• Evolution of policy of “operation all pupils/students must have comfortable writing desks and war against poor and dilapidated schools structures in the State”
• Re-engineering of teachers’ dress codes in schools
• Introduction of teacher’s salary scale (TSS)
• Compulsory rendition of the two stanzas of the national anthem in schools by pupils
• Abolition of all unapproved collection of levies in schools
• Introduction of free tuition and free examination fees in primary and secondary school.


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